Turnkey Aluminum Fabrication, Precision Aluminum Fabrication, Industrial Aluminum Fabrication, Contract Aluminum Fabrication, Build-to-Print Aluminum Fabrication
Turnkey Stainless Steel Fabrication, Precision Stainless Steel Fabrication, Industrial Stainless Steel Fabrication, Contract Stainless Steel Fabrication, Build-to-Print Stainless Steel Fabrication
Turnkey Steel Fabrication, Precision Steel Fabrication, Industrial Steel Fabrication, Contract Steel Fabrication, Build-to-Print Steel Fabrication
Turnkey Metal Fabrication, Precision Metal Fabrication, Industrial Metal Fabrication, Contract Metal Fabrication, Build-to-Print Metal Fabrication
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Since 2000, Scientific Machine & Welding, Inc. is one of the most turnkey metal fabrication, precision metal fabrication companies in central Texas. At SMW we go beyond specifications to get to the heart of customer satisfaction. Our goal is for you to get exactly what you want. We want you to be glad you worked with SMW. Scientific Machine & Welding won't let you down.
SMW is dedicated providing high value in the production of custom metal fabrication, industrial steel fabrication, turnkey aluminum fabrication and custom stainless steel fabrication. We can handle medium volume projects up to 8 ft x 8 ft x 20ft and up to 2 or 3 tons (give or take). Our staff includes engineers, technicians and assemblers capable of managing or guiding your industrial metal fabrication.
In addition to custom stainless steel fabrication, custom aluminum fabrication, custom steel fabrication and custom metal fabrication, our products also include custom cleanroom furniture, stainless steel cleanroom fabrications, industrial custom stainless steel cabinets, fabricated machine bases, stands and pedestals, stainless steel cylinder carts, industrial custom stainless steel cabinets, industrial skids, ground support equipment, aircraft tooling & turnkey manufacturing.